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Our Team

At Dee Plee, each and every member of our team takes great pleasure in ensuring that our valued guests enjoy an unforgettable fine dining experience at one of the best restaurants in Phuket, Thailand. Choose from a carefully curated range of dishes put together by our talented chefs, that are truly representative of Thai Cuisine, and which are guaranteed to suit all tastes.

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Wade James
Executive Chef
Pla nueng manao – steamed fish with lime and chilli dressing “I chose this dish as I feel it embodies all that is Thail cuisine. The steamed fresh seabass, the spicy sour sauce and overall the freshness of all the ingredients combine together to make a light dish that explodes with flavour!”
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Khun Hong
Chef de Cuisine
Hong dish’s name is Goong Mang Korn Phad Krueng Geang Red thick curry with Phuket lobster …. ”The reason that I love this dish because it comes from the southern part of Thailand and the Andaman sea, the same area where I have grown up. This dish is inspired from my mum’s style of cooking being fresh, organic, and local.”
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Khun O
Commis Chef
O dish’s name is Yum Som O Poo Nim Pomelo Salad with soft shell crab tamarind sauce and lime dressing “This is my favourite Thai dish as it is healthy, vibrant, and unique to Dee Plee restaurant. I feel everybody should try this dish when they visit us here, they will not regret it.”
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Khun Sunny
My passion for wines have no limit , always try to find the new wines, flavors and discover new regions
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Khun Bee
Maitre D
I’ve always had a passion to bring traditional Thai food to a sophisticated and friendly environment such as Dee Plee